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Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Training & Certification Course

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Our Professional Training Course is designed to fully prepare the student who wishes to become a practicing Certified Hypnotherapist. It's also valuable for professionals in other modalities interested in broadening their healing approaches. In addition, it's fun and educational for those inquisitive and intrigued seekers who would like to expand their own personal development. No previous experience is required.

Instruction in this 100-Hour live interactive program includes classroom lectures and discussion, live demonstrations, audio/video case studies, and supervised practice in all techniques. The curriculum also incorporates home study, assignments, and actual casework experience.


We begin with a Grounding in Fundamental Knowledge:

  • History of Hypnosis
  • Laws of Suggestion & Rules of the Mind
  • Essentials for Successful Hypnosis
  • Levels of Trance
  • Pre-Induction Interviews & Instructions

We proceed into the actual Working Techniques:

  • Types of Hypnotic Inductions
  • Rapid Inductions
  • Hypnotic Deepening
  • Using & Creating Hypnotic Scripts
  • Developing your own Patter and Style

Instruction is given in Troubleshooting & Overcoming Difficulties:

  • Dealing with Client Fears, Blocks, & Resistance
  • Adapting to an Individual's Unique Personality & Energy
  • Dealing with Client Abreactions

Classic & Popular applications are covered:

  • Self-Confidence Programming
  • Stress Management Programming
  • Habit Management & Release
  • Weight Management & Release
  • Pain Management
  • Hypnosis with Children & Seniors

Advanced Techniques are taught:

  • Fears & Phobias Release
  • Age Regression & Regression to Cause
  • Parts Therapy & other Advanced Techniques
  • Intro to NLP & Energy Therapies (including EFT)

In addition, we incorporate Business & Practical Needs:

  • Session & Treatment Plans
  • Intake & Legal Forms
  • How-To's of Practice Building
  • Certificate - Suitable for Framing!

And much more...

This Professional Hypnotherapy Training program is one of the most comprehensive 100-Hour Courses available.

Next Course Begins: Spring 2024

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