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"Scott is a sensitive and gifted young man."
-Dr. Michael Newton, author "Journey of Souls," "Destiny of Souls"
"Scott is a virtuoso at what he does."
-Richard Martini, author/filmmaker "Flipside," "Hacking the Afterlife"

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Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master Trainer

The Old Schoolhouse
415 W. Foothill Blvd. Suite 215
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My Teachers

~ The most significant people who have personally taught and inspired me in my hypnotherapy career ~

Dr. Jeanne Neher-Schurz • 1928-2004

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Dr. Jeanne was my first formal hypnosis teacher. She was based in Anaheim, CA and was affiliated with the American Board of Hypnotherapy of Newport Beach at that time, from whom I received my first hypnosis/hypnotherapy certification.

What an amazing lady she was! Dr. Jeanne seemed to know everyone who was anyone in the field of Hypnosis. Into her mid-70's, she still loved to go out and attend conventions, seminars, and workshops, always making new friends and picking up new ideas and techniques.

She worked with me one-on-one in a master-apprentice relationship, introducing me to a wide variety of styles and teachings. Her courses and instruction included classic techniques, as well as the newest evolving methods and therapies. She also had an extensive collection of books and videos that she shared with her students.

Dr. Jeanne passed away in 2004. I imagine she's on a grand tour of the universe, learning new things, making new friends, and having a wonderful time!

Dick Sutphen • 1937-2020

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Dick Sutphen was an author, spiritual hypnotherapist, psychic seminar leader, trance researcher, artist, producer of several hundred hypnosis and meditation recordings, and all-around awesome spiritual pioneer, explorer, healer, and teacher.

His inspirational book from the late 70's, "You Were Born Again To Be Together" contained several case histories of soulmates, couples who reincarnate to be together over and over again. As a teenage mystic, I had already been fascinated with the concept of Past Lives, and this romantic and intriguing book had a high spiritual flavor and a ring of truth. It was food for my questing mind and heart.

Years passed, and eventually my fascination with Past Lives vaulted me into the world of hypnotic regression. It was fun and exciting for me, like coming full circle, to finally meet the charismatic Mr. Sutphen while taking his Past Life training. In years following, I was thrilled to continue to meet and study with him again at more of his various seminars and workshops.

He'll always be a huge influence on me and my own work, and I still use many of his techniques because of their effectiveness and their high spirituality.

Dr. Michael Newton • 1931-2016

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In the mid-1990's, while haunting the bookshelves at a local library, I came across Dr. Newton's groundbreaking work, "Journey of Souls." Reading about his discoveries of Soul Groups, Spiritual Healing chambers, and Councils of Elders opened new doors in my understanding of metaphysics and spirituality. His work was a step beyond reincarnation, reaching back into our rich and beautiful eternal existence as souls.

After I became a hypnotherapist, I found that Dr. Newton was going to be training people in his Life Between Lives methodology. His trainings were held in different locations about the country and world, but that year it was going to be taking place about 50 miles from my home. Opportunity was knocking, and so I attended this training which was life-changing for me.

Michael's trainings were rigorous, but ultimately so rewarding. Driving home after the final day of my LBL training, I looked around and realized that every single person in a car or on the street has a colorful soul history, a history that I now had the means to explore.

I was lucky enough to participate at some of his subsequent trainings, teaching and assisting the newer students in various ways.

Michael's books and techniques have touched literally millions of people. He has given them comfort and hope, a deeper understanding of our true existence, and the inspiration to make the most of their current incarnation.

Dr. George Bien

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George Bien is one of the most remarkable people I've ever met. In his younger days, he was an astonishingly skilled professional jazz/fusion guitarist who played with famous musical artists. Later in life, he transformed himself into one of the finest hypnotists and trainers in the world.

George has a laser-like focus. He told me he used to practice guitar for up to eight hours a day! He studies a subject from all angles for hours, days, months, years, and eventually masters anything and everything to which he directs his powerful mind.

When it came time for me to share my own hypnotherapy knowledge and experience by becoming a trainer myself, I turned to Dr. Bien. His trainer-trainings were well-known and admired in the business. It was intense due to the extensive curriculum; yet also very enjoyable because of his wit and charming personality. (George, an East Coast guy, nicknamed me 'California' which made me smile!)

Behind all of his intensity and technique is a warm compassion for people. I've seen him actually get down on his knees to hypnotically work with a person who was lying on the ground in emotional turmoil.

One of the most important teachings of George's which always sticks in my mind is that, as professional hypnotherapists, we are but channels for healing which comes from a Higher Source.

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The Old Schoolhouse

415 W. Foothill Bvd. Suite 215

Claremont, CA 91711