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Training Courses

Our Training Courses are designed to fully prepare the student who wishes to become a practicing, earning Hypnotherapist. They are also valuable for professionals in other healing modalities who are interested in broadening their healing approaches.

The Courses are also educational and advantageous for non-professionals who seek to advance their own knowledge and personal development. No previous experience is required.

Instruction in the Courses generally include lectures and discussions, demonstrations, audio/video case histories, and a wealth of supervised practice. The curricula may also incorporate home study, assignments, and actual casework experience.

In Progress Now:

~ Past Life Regression Training Course ~

Nov • 2023 • Worldwide Live on Zoom

Past Life Regression • 25-Hour Certification Training Course

Join us for a four-day immersion into the fascinating world of guiding Past Life Regressions!

Our 25-Hour Professional Past Life Regression Certification Course consists of classroom lectures & discussions, live demonstrations, and supervised practice of techniques, including facilitating full Past Life Regressions (students will give and receive at least two sessions each). The Course is open to Professionals and Non-Professionals alike.

This live interactive Course also provides instruction in related Spiritual Hypnotherapy techniques, including Regression to the Womb, Meeting and Working with Spirit Guides, and Pre-Life Planning.

We draw upon the teachings of such notable regression experts as Michael Newton, Dick Sutphen, Dolores Cannon, Brian Weiss, and many others. We also share tips, tricks, and techniques from our combined 45+ years experience in Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Therapy (LBL), Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, (QHHT) and other Spiritual Hypnotherapy methods and techniques.

Participants who complete the Course will be able to calmly and confidently help others by guiding meaningful Past Life sessions which provide deeper understanding of a person's current life path and purpose.

*Optional: For those who desire a 50-Hour Professional Past Life Regression Certification, we have a program of an additional 25 hours of homework assignments, self-study, and further practice PLR sessions which may be submitted for final approval and Certification.

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Classroom Instruction for this Past Life Regression Course includes:

  • Review of Hypnosis
  • Elements of Successful Sessions
  • Induction & Deepening Techniques for PLR
  • Various Roads to Past Lives
  • Navigating within Sessions
  • Therapeutic Techniques within PLRs
  • Finding Resolution and Meaning
  • Troubleshooting 'stuck' sessions

Spiritual Explorations:

  • Regression Back to the Womb
  • Meeting & Working with Spirit Guides
  • Pre-Life Planning Journey

Further Instruction includes:

  • Client Intake Process & Forms
  • Important Elements of Client Pre-Talks
  • Live Demonstrations of Techniques
  • Supervised Student Practice of Techniques
  • 150-Page Manual with full Session Scripts that may be used as is, or customized to your own style

We will also meet together online about a month after the Course to check on your progress, and address any questions that may have arisen during your study and practice sessions.

Join the Fun! Learn Masterly Techniques & Guide Life-Changing Sessions!


The Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy are far-reaching and deeply meaningful.

For the Client:
  • Uncover the root causes of current issues
  • Release old stuck emotions and energy
  • Understand and heal relationships
  • Connect with past talents and interests
  • Remember their path and purpose in this lifetime
For the Facilitator:
  • Help people overcome their issues and move forward with their lives
  • Interact with Spirit Guides and other High Ones in Spirit
  • Enjoy an armchair-view of the History of Humanity
  • Earn anywhere from $150-$300 or more per session for your Services

Your Past Life Regression Certification Course Instructors:

Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, CHT, CMT

Scott is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Southern California, specializing in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. For the past 22 years, he has dedicated himself to guiding thousands of clients to a deeper understanding of their eternal souls and their current life's mission.

Scott is considered to be one of the premiere Life Between Lives therapists in the world.

He's a contributing author to the Newton Institute books, " Memories of the Afterlife" and "Wisdom of Souls." Several of his sessions are featured in "Flipside" and "Hacking the Afterlife," Richard Martini's films and books about our true nature as souls.

In addition to his private practice, Scott guides Group Regression Experiences, and mentors developing hypnotherapists and regressionists.

photo portrait of Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, hypnotherapist and hypnosis  and past life trainer in southern california
photo portrait of Mayra Rath, hypnotherapist in los angeles

Mayra Rath, CHT, QHHT

Mayra is a leader in the Past Life Regression Therapy modality, having regressed thousands of global clients over the last 24 years. She has learned from past leaders in the industry, including Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dick Sutphen, and Marisa Peer. 

Her Hypnosis practice is in Los Angeles, where she conducts both in-person and online remote sessions globally. In her practice, she offers Past Life Regression Therapy, QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and In-Between Lives Hypnosis. She has also created her own technique, Soul Ascension Hypnosis, which includes exploring multiple lifetimes, connecting with the Higher Self, Healing, Reiki, and Channeling Light Language.

You can enjoy listening to some of her sessions on her YouTube Channel @SoulSignsHypnosis, and her Podcast, 'Past Lives with Mayra Rath' wherever you download podcasts. 

  • "What a wild ride your training was, I'm still processing. It was really, really good!"
  • "Very informative and thorough. And therapeutic for sure. My personal regressions in class were mind-blowing."
  • "It was really fun, and I can't wait to put everything into practice."
  • "I enjoyed the course immensely. I loved having both the male and female perspectives."
  • "Thanks so very much! Everyone was so nice, I never wanted it to end!"
  • "I appreciate your knowledge, your patience with our questions, and your magical energy."

Registration & Pricing

Past Life Regression Training Course

~ Nov • 2023 • Registration Closed • Class in Progress ~

See You at Next Training! • Spring 2024

A Personal Note:
This is the Course we wish was available when we were getting started! We methodically lay out for you, step-by-step, the full process of guiding a successful and meaningful Past Life Regression, with tips and tricks from our many years as professional regressionists.
See you in class!
-Scott & Mayra
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