Professional Hypnosis Training

with Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht., C.M.T. - Certified Master Trainer

Professional Hypnosis Training

with Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht., C.M.T. - Certified Master Trainer

Past Life Regression MasterClass

3-Day Certification Course

Join us for an intensive three-day immersion into the fascinating world of guiding Past Life Regression sessions. Learn related Spiritual Hypnotherapy techniques, including Age Regression & Regression to the Womb, Meeting & Working with Spirit Guides, and much more!

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This Professional Past Life Regression Certification Course consists of classroom lectures, written assignments, live demonstrations, and supervised student practice of techniques, including facilitating full Past Life Regression sessions.

It draws upon the teachings of such notable hypnosis and regression experts as Dr. Michael Newton, Dick Sutphen, Dolores Cannon, Dave Elman, Gerald Kein, Brian Weiss, Henry Leo Bolduc, and many others. Students will also receive tips, tricks, and techniques shared from my own 18 years experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression (PLR), Life Between Lives (LBL), and other Spiritual Hypnotherapy techniques.

The Course is comprised of 50 hours of education, study, and practice. 25 hours are classroom face-to-face instruction, and 25 further hours are self-study, homework assignments, and PLR practice sessions to be submitted for final Certification.

Students who complete this Course will be able to calmly and confidently help clients by guiding Past Life Regressions which provide deeper understanding of the client's life path and current issues.


Classroom Instruction for this Past Life Regression (PLR) Course includes:

•Review of Hypnosis
•Elements of Successful Sessions
•Induction Techniques for PLR
•Deepening Techniques for PLR
•Various Roads to Past Lives
•Therapeutic Techniques within PLRs
•Age Regression & Regression to the Womb
•Meeting & Working with Spirit Guides
•Connecting Past Lives to Present Issues
•Additional Spirit-Based Techniques

Further instruction includes:

•Client Intake Process & Forms
•Important Elements of Client Pre-Talks
•Live Demonstrations of All Techniques
•Supervised Student Practice of All Techniques

Self-Study & Assignments for this Course (if Certification is desired) include:

•1000-word typed book report (about two pages). Students are given a list of recommended PLR books from which to choose a favorite.
•Creation of Student's own Custom Script for PLRs
•Proof of facilitation of at least 5 Past Life Regressions

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Certification Requirements

This Course is designed primarily for professionals who have completed at least 100 hours of formal education in hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Non-professionals with an interest in this work are also welcome to enroll in the Course for their own personal education and enjoyment, without submitting further materials for certification.

To be awarded Professional Certification in Past Life Regression, students must complete the following:

•Attendance of 25 hours of Classroom Instruction, and satisfactory facilitation of experiential PLR sessions in class

•Completion and submission of all Self-Study Assignments

•Satisfactory submission of one (1) audio recorded Past Life Regression session, and written reports of five (5) further Past Life Regression sessions

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Your Past Life Regression Instructor

Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht., C.M.T.

Scott is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Southern California, specializing in Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression. For the past 18 years he has dedicated himself to guiding hundreds of clients to a deeper understanding of their eternal soul and their current life's mission. He is considered to be one of the premiere Life Between Lives therapists in the world.

Scott is also a Certified Master Trainer of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy. He is a Contributing Author to the book, "Everyday Miracles of Hypnotherapy," and The Newton Institute book, "Memories of the Afterlife." Several of his hypnosis sessions are featured in "Flipside," Richard Martini's entertaining film and book about LBL work and our eternal spiritual nature. Scott's session work is also spotlighted in Mr. Martini's books, "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" Vols. 1 and 2, and "Hacking the Afterlife," and the upcoming "Soul to God" by Michael Kramer.

In addition to his continuing private session work, Scott presents public lectures on Past Lives and Life Between Lives, and guides Group Past Life Regressions.

Scott Fitzgerald De Tamble, C. Ht., C.M.T.
-Clinical Hypnotherapist-
-Certified Master Trainer-

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